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Gerald A. & Linda S. Pike

8 Court View Lane

Asheville, N.C. 28806

(828) 350-8641

April 26, 2006


To Whom It May Concern:


Please allow us to share with you our experience in selling our house in Chantilly, VA with the help of Jack Robertson and his associate, Candace Habib.

Having been both our neighbor and our friend for 10 years, Jack was a natural selection for us when we got ready to sell our house. We had given consideration to attempting to sell it ourselves; and even though we had not committed to utilizing Jack’s services, he provided us with comprehensive information about recent sales in our neighborhood in order to assist us in establishing a realistic asking price. Because we were interested in a quick and painless sale, we elected to have Jack and Candy list the house – and are we glad we did!

Our sale was quick (2 offers the first day), but it certainly was not ‘painless’! While our buyers made a ‘full price’ contract offer, we found as the sale proceeded that there were numerous requests for us to assume various costs involved in the sale, as well as requests for ‘seller concessions’. In addition, there were some problems with the buyers’ financing of the loan. Without Jack and Candy’s help we would never have made our way through the nearly daily morass of requests, and to figure out which ones were reasonable and which were not; in fact, Jack netted us thousands of dollars more than we would have gotten on our own, by convincing us that we did not need to make concessions and that the house would sell quickly because it was priced correctly. Jack was tireless in his pursuit of coordinating all the details of this difficult sale, and he utilized his extensive knowledge of Virginia real estate regulations to protect our interests in all aspects of the sale. Jack made himself available to us and to the buyers’ agent 24/7, and kept us appraised about what to expect and how the sale was progressing. He certainly earned every penny of his commission on this transaction!

The end result was that we got our quick sale, at our asking price; and due to Jack’s following through with all the details, the sale went to closing a few days early. The loan was fully funded and the money was wired to our account while we were enroute to our new home, thus ensuring the funds were available to us when we needed them.

In summary, from our experiences with Jack, we can highly recommend him – as both a real estate agent and as a good neighbor! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.







Gerald A. Pike Linda S. Pike

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