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John Smith

John Smith Florida Real Estate

Century 21
1 Ocean Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33109
(305) 555-1212 -demo
(305) 235-2362 -demo
Cell: (305) 555-1212


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Ten years of extensive full time real estate experience. I have an outstanding reputation as a professional real estate agent.. My goal is to provide a quantity of services that exceeds your expectations. Let me handle all your real estate needs.

Call me to discuss your housing needs in Miami.

Having lived in Florida since 1977 and having been a Realtor for the past ten years, I can help you find the property you are looking for. No sale is too large or too small. Every client is important and I truly enjoy helping buyers find the right property! Century 21 offers a range of services from insurance to home mortgages. I look forward to working with you!

John Smith, Your Florida Real Estate Agent

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